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On Manitoulin, Island
The gates for online bookings are now open, f
Only 8 MILES North of the Ferry Terminal



Kicking Mule Ranch photo of main buildings

Howdy y'all! Welcome to Kicking Mule Guest Ranch - family-owned and operated for over 25 years on Manitoulin Island.

From May to October, we've got 12 unique guest accommodations with picnic tables, fire pits, and sitting areas. Our outdoor kitchen has hot water on demand, cook stoves, and a BBQ grill. And don't worry, we have washrooms and a shower and we also got clean outhouses dotted throughout the ranch too!

Check out our tipis, ice hut, blacksmith shop and bunkies or cozy up in our custom-built covered wagon for two. For a taste of the Wild West, join us at the Stompin' Rooster for an event or saddle up for a trail ride or wagon tour at the riding stables next door. Don't miss the free petting zoo too!

So what are you waitin' for, pardner? Come on down and experience the magic of Kicking Mule Guest Ranch... Yeehaw!!!

Booking Your Site

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Well, partner, there's two ways to rustle up yer ideal spot...


Search by Date:

If ya know ya got a specific date ya gotta be there and ain't no wiggle room, then use the search box down yonder. Pick yer check-in and check-out dates from the calendar, choose how many grown-ups and young'uns yer travelin' with, and give that there search button a click. The system will round up a list of options that fit yer fancy and are up for grabs on them dates ya picked.

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Search by Type:

Now, if yer dates are as loose as a goose, then mosey on over and take a gander at all the options we got on offer. Jus' click on that there button down yonder to sort 'em out by type, and see if yer favourite pick is up for grabs by checkin' the calendar. But if you rather search by date, click here pardner

No upcoming events at the moment


Road Sign
Nickel Flapjacks Table - May 24 weekend
Communal Fire-pit
Nickel Flapjacks Sign
Kicking Mule Sign On Rocks
Nickel Flapjacks - May 24 weekend
tkmr 4
shhep 2

Take a look-see, pardner! We got ourselves a picture gallery chock-full of snapshots from the ol' ranch.

Hop on that there list, pardner!

We're gettin' mighty close to launchin' our events and adding new sites to our system, and we'd sure love to have ya be one of the first to know when it's live. All ya gotta do is fill out that there form and click on subscribe, and we'll keep ya posted on all the latest happenin's, from our rootin'-tootin' events to our wild and woolly activities.


So don't be shy, sign up today and join our posse!

Thanks for submitting!

101 Gauthier Rd, Tehkummah Ontario, POP 2C0

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