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Daisy May's Tipi


From $

Tipi, 2 Person

wifi, Camping Chairs, Fire pit, Picnic table, Parking

This here tipi, named after one of the Lewis family, is situated right on the "Edge of Town" and is as sturdy as a bull on a wooden deck with a closed top to keep the weather at bay!

And let me tell ya, it's got all the fixin's for a proper glamping experience with a queen bed & optional Hydro's available on this site, and there's even a fire pit and picnic table for ya to enjoy. Plus, it's right next to the beautiful forest, so you can take in all that nature has to offer.

Now, don't you worry 'bout a thing - the Summer Kitchen and Shower House are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. And when night falls, you can kick back by the fire and gaze up at the open, starlit sky.

Daisy May's got wifi access, so you can stay connected to the world wide web if ya want. And there's even a parking spot for one of your trusty steeds. If ya need some extra fixin's, like a cookstand, towels, bedding, a cot, or some 15 amp power, you can add 'em on at checkout for a little extra cash*.

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Check this Unit's Availability

To check the availability of your favorite camp, tipi, or bunkie unit, please follow these instructions:

By default, the calendar will show availability for all units. 

  1. Look for the text "All Units" on the calendar.

  2. Click directly on the words "All Units" to reveal a dropdown menu.

  3. The dropdown menu will  appear, displaying a list of available options.

  4. From the dropdown menu, select the name of the specific site you are interested in.

After selecting the desired site's name, the calendar will update to show the availability for that particular unit.

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