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Blacksmith Shop


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Bunkie, 2 Person, Dog Friendly

Camping Chairs, Cookstand, Outdoor Chimney, Parking, Power, Dogs Allowed

Let us tell ya 'bout the Blacksmith Bunkie - it's one of the original accommodations on the Ranch and it's got quite the history. It used to be a real working Blacksmith Shop back in the day on Manitoulin Island, but it was rescued from demolition and refurbished into one of our most unique accommodations.

This bunkie comes complete with a skylight and a small deck, and it's situated right next to the Outdoor Summer Kitchen. You'll have a beautiful view of the garden and the hummingbird feeders, too. And if you need to freshen up, the Bath House is just a stone's throw away. Plus, you can access the Nature Trail in just a few steps.

Now, if ya need some extra fixin's, like a cookstand, towels, bedding, a cot, or some 15 amp power, you can add 'em on at checkout for a small fee. So come on down and experience the history of Manitoulin Island in the Blacksmith Bunkie!

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To check the availability of your favorite camp, tipi, or bunkie unit, please follow these instructions:

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