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Mule Palace


From $

Bunkie, 3 Person

wifi, Deck, Power, Parking

a mighty special cabin attached to the Main Barn on the Ranch. This place has some history, let me tell ya. The original owner, Miss Willie, used to be a trail guide down in Arizona, leadin' folks on adventures with her trusty mules. She used to host Jamborees right here in this barn back in the day, and people came from all over and needed a place to rest their weary heads. Nowadays, the barn's used for storage, but it's gonna be transformin' into an Event Centre again real soon. But for now, the Mule Palace is still a tiny Western bunkie with a cozy Queen bed and a sturdy single bed. It's right smack in the heart of things, so you'll be right where the action is. And ya know what's the cherry on top? This accommodation shares the main firepit by the Caretakers house, so you can gather 'round the flames and swap stories with your fellow cowboys and cowgirls. So saddle up and head on over to the Mule Palace, it's a piece of history that's sure to make yer stay at the Ranch one to remember!

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To check the availability of your favorite camp, tipi, or bunkie unit, please follow these instructions:

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